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3D Printing · 3D Scanning · 3D Design · Casting

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Manufacturing New Realities

3D Proven Systems is a solution center for consumers, businesses, and organizations in New Mexico and the United States. Located in Albuquerque, we specialize in the sale of 3D Printers, 3D Scanners, and other equipment as well as offering services in 3D Design, 3D Scanning, 3D Printing, and traditional manufacturing.

Explore Our World

You are currently viewing our flagship website. Here you can learn more about who we are, and the equipment we sell. Click a link below to visit our other domains.

Creatrium- Manufacture a new reality of your own with our full service 3D Print shop. Our team of experts is ready to bring your project to completion whether you need parts, digital files, or even molds and casts We offer 3D Printing, CAD design, Digital Sculpting, 3D Scanning, Mold Making, and Casting to New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and the rest of the United States.

MNR- Read more about the real people and projects being propelled by 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, and 3D Design by visiting our online magazine. Browse the current issue, subscribe for more, or read online features and stories.

Proto Vault- An online collection of high quality 3D models, unlike any other. Browse our collection, download files for your own use printing or as a designer, or become a memeber of this growing community.

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Buy 3D Technology

We believe the day isn't far off in which a 3D Printer is in every home and business. Our goal is to offer our clients the very best equipment in the industry. Whether you're a scientist at a national lab or an individual with a need to create, purchasing 3D equipment secures your ability to manufacture like never before. When you purchase from us, you aren't simply buying a machine, but a dedicated team of experts eager to help you succeed with your goals.


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3D Printers

Manufacture your new reality with professional grade equipment from 3D Systems, Mcor, Airwolf, and more.

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3D Scanners

Transform real world objects and people into high quality 3D models for printing or digital use with top of the line scanners from HDI and Artec.

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Stay stocked up on your consumables for professional, and production grade machines.

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From minor calibrations to fixing serious mechanical failure, our certified technicians are ready to keep your equipment running.

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Use 3D Technology

Not everyone has the funding, time, or background to purchase and use their own equipment. That shouldn't keep 3D technology out of your workflow. Our 3D Print shop, the Creatirum, exists to offer project based service to individuals, businesses, and organizations. Our team of experts is here to ensure your success, no matter the industry you work in.


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3D Printing

From filament to metal, our 3D Printers give our clients access to the full spectrum of available materials and the highest level of quality.

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3D Scanning

We offer high precision and form based 3D Scanning for scan-to-print and services in reverse engineerin using HDI and Artec 3D Scanners.

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3D Design

Whether you need a professional engineer or a professional artist, our team is here to tackle projects using both traditional CAD and digital sculpting.

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Traditional production rounds out our capabilities, including silicone mold making, urethane and resin casting, along with tooling and injection molding.

Click a picture above to learn more . Visit the Creatrium and learn more about what it's like to work with us.

Our staff collaborating on a scan of a skull

MNR Magazine

A newsletter just doesn't cut it when it comes to our excitment for the amazing projects that have come through our doors. MNR Magazine is a completely free digital publication detailing the many applications of the technology we work with, as well as offering online articles and stories. Check out one or all of the links below to visit MNR.

Read About

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Our Current Issue

Peruse the latest issue of our digital magazine, or subscribe for free to get MNR delivered to your inbox.

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Clash of the Creatures

Check out our annual sculpt-off and showcase featuring artists from all over the world who work and specialize in creature design.

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Read about some of the most interesting and innovative applications for which our clients have used 3D technology.

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Inside the Creatrium

Get tips and insight from the team that makes the Creatrium run as they offer their expertise to keep your own equipment and software performing at its best.