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Who We Are

3D Proven Systems opened in 2013 as a devision of Proven Products and Services, an Albuquerque based supplier of packaging and shipping materials with a nineteen year history of success. We began as, and remain a dealer for 3D Systems, offering sales, service, and supplies for their complete line of 3D Printers. Our journey as the team of experts on the cutting edge continually evolves. We now represent ten manufacturers and sell machines ranging from consumer grade FDM printers all the way up to Direct Metal Printers, as well as operating a full service 3D Print Shop we've come to call the Creatrium. Our staff includes individuals with backgrounds in sales and administration, product design, engineering, fine art, and more -all based here at our facility in Albuqeruque.

As one of the first businesses in the United States to do what we have, you will not find another with a greater skill set or variety of offerings.

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Manufacturing New Realities

That’s exactly what 3D technology does, and exactly what 3D Proven Systems is here to help you do. We don’t just sell equipment. We don’t just offer service. 3D Proven Systems is the premier solution center for all things related to the use and aquisition of 3D technology for tackling any manufacturing challenges standing between you and the reality you envision. Our dedication to advancing the role 3D technology plays in everyday life doesn’t stop with a sale or a print job.

Our Mission

3D Proven Systems is dedicated to continuing the proliferation of 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, 3D Design, and Production through increasing both knowledge and use of these technologies by individuals, businesses, and communities in order to transform the landscape of manufacturing in the United States and the world, and serving as an authoratative source of knowledge in the current and growing capabilities.

3D print of a house

This branch of our website is dedicated to showcasing our industry role as a solution center, focusing on the 3D Printers, 3D scanners, or other equipment we sell. Whether you’re interested in purchasing equipment or retaining our services, all initial consultations are free of charge.

Buy a 3D Printer or 3D Scanner: All our quotes on equipment are no cost and no obligation. Contact us to learn more or to buy now.

Design, Printing, Scanning, or Casting: Visit the Creatrium and bring your project to life or your product from idea to the shelf.

Our Story

This story probably isn’t the one you’d expect. We didn’t step into a fated legacy, or inherit the keys to some flourishing tech kingdom, nor did we emerge as the brainchild of starry-eyed alums and a tech startup. 3D Proven Systems grew from a passion for technology, a conversation about hot stocks, and an understanding of universal needs. A nineteen-year history in the packaging and shipping supply industry precluded the realization of 3D Proven Systems, laying a foundation for CEO Jon Maxwell unlike any other in the business. At first, the connection may not seem apparent, but it’s all about commonalities unifying everyone trying to solve a problem and a dedication to creating the solutions. The guy creating car parts in his garage and the laboratory making rocket components both share a simple and powerful connection: The best way to do it.

There was no existing source of knowledge for how to make this industry work. We are writing the textbook. You have to live with the technology to fully understand it. When we got started, it was like being handed a grill for the first time: We had a barbeque, but no steak or cookbook.
-Jon Maxwell. CEO.

Since 2013, we’ve been living day in and day out with the latest and greatest, striving to push our knowledge and skills past the cutting edge. 3D Printing is a craft, one we’re always aiming to further perfect. Every new step has opened new doors and we can’t wait to see what the unfolding story brings next.

Our Clients

From world renowned organizations like NASA down to men and women with an idea, a drawing, and a dream our client base puts us at the forefront of just about any field of application you can imagine for 3D technology. Take a look at some of the more well-known names who have purchased equipment or made use of our 3D printshop.

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Who We Represent

With a discerning eye on the 3D industry, we’ve sought out companies and manufacturers who have proven themselves as some of the very best. We carry equipment we believe performs particular functions very well, and work with our clients to help them select the equipment that best fits their needs.

companies we represent