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ProJet MJP 2500

3D Systems

The Projet 2500 is an excellent all-around professional printer and the newest entry in 3D Systems' MJP line. Intended for producing functional rigid and elastomeric parts, precision and quality are both key features of this printer. With a substantial build platform, the 2500 is capable of handling micro-fine detail, up to much larger structures and componenets. This printer is ideally suited for prototyping, master production, and on-demand parts.


  • Technology: Multi Jet Photopolymer Printing
  • Physical Printer Dimensions: 44.1" x 29.1" x 42.1"
  • Build Volume (xyz): 11.6"x8.3"x5.6" (295mm x 211mm x 142mm)
  • Layer Resolution (xyz): 800x900x790 DPI, 32 micron layers
  • Accuracy: plus or minus .004 inch per inch (plus or minus .1016 mm per 25.4 mm) of part dimension. Accuracy may vary depending on build parameters, part geometry, part size, orientation, and post-processing.
  • Supported Build Materials: Visitjet M2 EBK (Elastomeric Black), Visijet M2 ENT (Elastomeric Natural), Visijet M2 RBK (Rigid Black), Visijet M2 RCL (Rigid Clear), Visijet M2 RWT (Rigid White).
  • Support Material: Visijet M2 SUP
  • Electrical: 100-127 VAC, 50/60 Hz, single phase, 15A; 200-240 VAC, 50 Hz single-phase, 10A; Single C14 receptacle.
  • Connectivity: 500 GB internal Hard Drive. Network ready and email capable. 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet interface USB port.
  • Minimum Computer Requirements: 3 GHz multiple core process (2 GHz Intel or AMD procesor mini) with 8+ GB RAM, OpenGL 3.2 and GLSL 1.50 support (Open GL 2.1 and GLSL 1.20 mini), 1+ GB video RAMm 1280x1024 (1280x960 mini) screen resolution. SSD or 10,000 RPM hard disk drive (30 GB of available hard-disk space for cache mini), Google Chrome or IE 11 (IE 9 mini), Other: 3 button mouse with scroll, keyboard, Micosoft .NET Framework 4.5 installed with application.
  • Client Operating System: Windows 7 or better
  • Post-Processing: MJP Easy Clean System for removal of wax supports