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Artec Space Spider

Artec 3D

The newest and enhanced version of the Spider, the Space Spider is ideal as a direct to CAD scanner. Engineered for fine detail and brilliant color, its key advantage is a faster warm-up to maximum accuracy and the fact that it is not imparied or affected by fluctuations in the scanning envrionement.


  • Technology: Blue Light.
  • Physical Dimensions: 190mm x 140mm 130mm
  • Operating Range: Min: .17 m; Max: .35 m
  • Weight: .85 kg
  • Angular Field of View: 30 x 21 degrees
  • Field of View: Closest: 90 x 70 mm; Furthest: 180x 140 mm
  • Texture resolution: 1.3mp
  • Accuracy: .05 mm
  • Exposure Time: .0005 seconds.