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Capture 3D Scanner

3D Systems

Operating with its unique blue light system, the Capture 3D scanner offers the very best in quality and accuracy from 3D Systems. Capable of operating as a single unit or a scanning array, the Capture pairs speed and edit-ability with its high quality. Also notable is the Capture's compability with SOLIDWORKS through applicable plugins. This scanner is great for projects collecting up close data for direct editing.


  • Technology: Blue Light scanning.
  • Physical Dimensions: 276mm x 74mm x 49mm
  • Data Capture Rate: 985,000 points/scan (.3 seconds per scan).
  • Stand-off Distance: 300mm
  • Depth of Field: 180mm
  • Field of View: Near: 124mm x 120mm; Far 190 x 175mm
  • Resolution: .11mm at 300mm; .180mm at 480mm
  • Accuracy: .06mm.
  • Recommended Hardware: Windows 7 or better. Intel and AMD Quad0core 2-GHz CPU or better. Gigabit Ethernet interface. 4GB+ of memory, 512 MB or better video card.