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iSense 3D Scanner

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The iSense 3D scanner is all about the freedom of mobility and simplicity for the best possible price. Compatible with Apple phones or tablets, the iSense experience is a great option for those new to 3D scanning, but interested in serious applicaitons. We recommend this 3D scanner for projects in which surface details, mobility, and speed are critical factors. The iSense can be hooked up to and removed from any compatible device as desired.


  • Technology: Infrafred depth-sensor scanning.
  • Physical Dimensions: 4.7"x1.14"x1.1"
  • Scan Volume: Min: .2m x .2m x .2m; Max: 3m x 3m x 3m
  • Operating Range: Min: .4m; Max: 3.5m
  • Weight: 99.2 grams
  • Depth Image Size: VGA (640x480)
  • Field of View: Horizonal: 58 degrees; Vertical: 45 degrees
  • Spatial x/y resolution @ .5m: .9mm
  • Depth resolution @.5m: 1mm
  • Battery Life: 3-4 hours of active scanning.