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ProJet 1200

3D Systems

The Projet 1200 prints micro-fine detail using both castable wax and resin, making it an ideal desktop for those seeking a means to transform traditional production processes. Ease of use is a key feature of the Projet 1200, from a simple user interface and easy to load material catridges. The Projet 1200 is an economic and powerful 3D Printer with great applications in the fields of jewelry design, dental labs, and more.


  • Technology: Digital Light Processing (DLP)
  • Physical Printer Dimensions: 15"x8"x8"
  • Build Volume (xyz): 1.69"x1.06"x5.90"
  • Layer Resolution (xyz): .0012" (.03mm)
  • Vertical Build Speed: up to .55 in/hour (14mm/hour)
  • Supported Build Materials: Visijet FTX Green, FTX Cast, FTX Gray, FTX Clear, FTX Silver, and FTX Gold. (castable resin and wax).
  • Electrical: 100-220V 50/60 Hz
  • Connectivity: Network ready