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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ addresses questions specifically related to our equipment sales. If you have questions related to our printshop, please click here to be directed to our Printship FAQ.

What is a solution center?

While it may not be traditional, we're in the business of manufacturing. We offer our clients a means to create anything that can be imagined in any number of way. We occupy a unique position in a growing industry as one of only a handful of 3D solution centers currently in exsitence. We understand there is never one answer or method that suits every need 100% of the time. Similarly, we make our services and expertise available to the public. While we are more than happy to act as a quick turnaround source for equipment or prints, we specialize in coming alongside our customers to solve problems and aid their success.

Why should I buy from a resller when I can order something direct online?

Online sales do offer a level of convenience. 3D technology is a craft, and while equipment is increasingy user friendly these are complex machines that involve a learning curve and mastery to operate successfully. We come with our equipment. We use the equipment we sell. Our dedication is not only to offering expert service and advice, but in producing expert quality ourselves. Purchasing from us leverages our expertise and support as you augment and advance your existing production workflow.

I'm interested in buying a printer, but would like to see a sample first, can I get one for free?

We are more than happy to offer prospective buyers benchmark prints on the 3D Printer you're considering. We recommend sending us a 3D file you own to get a real feel for the results you can expect. We do not offer benchmarks for free under normal cricumstances, but can credit the expense against the price of a printer should you decide to purchase one.

Can I visit your facility?


I'm interested in equipment and want to see it in action, but was told you don't have it at your office. Why not?

Keep in mind that we offer equipment ranging in price from hundreds of dollars up to the millions. Simply put, we do not physically stock every last piece of 3D technology we sell. Many professional and production grade pieces of equipment are custom built upon order. Despite this, we have access to a variety of samples encompassing the full spectrum 3D technology offers.

Will you demo equipment?

If you're able to visit our facility, we are more than happy to take the time to show you around, and let you see the machines that may be in action. Under most circumstances we are unable to accomodate private equipment demos.

How much is...?

All pricing for equipment is hanlded on a per quote basis. Quotes can include starter kits, additional materials, or parts and service contracts. At times we are able to offer particular incentives or discounts. Other purchases require site specific information. All quotes are at no cost and no obligation.

Do you offer deferred billing, payment plans, leases, or rentals?

Terms of payment are specific to an individual quote, but we do not offer equipment leases or rentals.

Can I return equipment I decide doesn't meet my needs or that is defective?

All equipment sales are final. In the event a machine has issues you deem defective, all warranties and repairs, express or implied, are maintained and handled by the respective manufacturer.

Do you offer financing?

Ascentium Capital is our preferred partner for all purchasing involving financing. We are able to work with 3rd party leases and financing terms in the event a buyer already has an established relationship with another lender. 3D Proven Systems does not directly finance equipment purchases.

How do repairs work?

Depening on your printer, we can perform both in-house and on site repairs. Our repair rates may account for the following expenses beyond the actual repairs: Diagnostics, parts, and travel expenses. Our technicians are certified to work on machines manufactured by the factories we represent.

You don't sell my brand of printer. Can you still fix it?

We are able to perform repairs on printers we do not carry, but be advised doing so may violate or nullify an existing warranty, and we are not liable in th event it does.

I'm new to 3D technology and want to buy a 3D Printer. Do I need to know CAD?

3D Printing and 3D Design go hand-in-hand. Even if you plan on printing files someone else has created, there's still some essential knowledge you need. Currently traditional CAD and digital sculpting programs represent the primary methods of designing print-ready 3D files. If you're looking for a reliable source of print ready files, visit Proto Vault.