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Dive in deeper, and familiarize yourself with just how much 3D technology really can do. Each independent process contributes key components, the mastery of which has allowed us to become the solution center we are today. This section of our website is designed to give you a more in-depth look at each of those process and how they work. Scroll down or click a link in the menu bar below to be directed to that block. From there, you’ll be able to explore our growing collection of articles about each process.

3D Printing

Originally developed in the 1980’s, when it was known as Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing has since evolved into an increasingly limitless tool to reshape the physical world. 3D Printers literally build objects from a number of different materials, and are capable of producing forms and geometries that cannot be created any other way. Click here to read more about 3D Printing or click one of the images below to be taken to that section of the article.

metal 3D printer

Production Printing

personal 3D printer

Filament Printing

paper 3D printer

Exotic Printing

stereolithography 3D printer

Professional Printing

3D Scanning

Whatever the reason, at times a project demands that a real world object be transformed into a 3D model. At times, simply replicating the object through design software does the trick, but not always. 3D Scanning rapidly bridges the gap, whether replicating entire rooms and buildings or the ridges and valleys of a finger print. Click here to read more about 3D Scanning.

3D Design

3D Design is the foundation of every application and function of 3D technology. This is the software and associated skill set that makes everything else work. Rooted in traditional drafting and mechanical engineering, 3D Design software has grown to become an all-encompassing field, producing 3D models for a number of different uses. Click here to read more about the different types of 3D Design or click one of the images below to be taken to that section of the article.

CAD model of feathered snake

Digital Sculpting

CAD model of our logo

Hard Surface CAD

3D scan of tree branch


NASA Swarmie trophy

Mixed Design

Casting and Production

Truly merging the modern with the traditional, production relies upon proven processes and methods to take 3D technology to its greatest potential. Casting and production allow an object to be replicated in order to achieve specific material properties or functions, or more importantly to reproduce the object on a large scale. Click here to read more about the different steps of casting and production or click one of the images below to be taken to that section of the article.

3D printed trilobite

Master Production

mold made from a 3D printed trilobite

Mold Making

proofs made from a mold of a trilobite


large-scale production of trilobites