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The Print Shop

If you have a need for 3D Printing, 3D Design, 3D Scanning, or Proudction, but aren't in the market for equipment, our 3D Print shop is ready to help you manufacture new realities of your own. With a team of experts dedicated not only to quality, but also to pushing the limits of what 3D technology can achieve, we offer services you simply won’t find anywhere else. This page is intended to give a general overview of our services. Please visit our learn more page for more in-depth information.

How We Work

As with every aspect of what we do, our printshop is foremost a solution center. In addition to Our services breakdown into different categories. While everything we do follows some consistent basics, these categories help us ensure your project receives the proper level of attention, running as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Parts Now: This category of service is intended for customers who already have 3D files and are ready to print. It encompasses all material types: From filament to metal.

Produce: This category of service makes of the bulk of our printshop projects and is intended for customers whose needs go beyond one phase. Produce projects typically involve 3D Design and 3D Printing; however, this category can include everything we offer.

Realize: This category of service is indented for inventors, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to take their idea all the way to market. Realize projects are often more in-depth and typically require multi-month lead times, truly using 3D technology in lieu of traditional methods of manufacturing.

Design to Diamonds: Specially created for the needs of jewelry designers, Design to Diamonds augments traditional metal casting methods to either optimize cost or create designs that literally could not be cast any other way.

3D Design

Our Printshop offers the very best in 3D Design. With the latest software encompassing both traditional CAD and digital sculpting, we specialize in precision, mechanics, aesthetic, functionality, and detail. Our competitive design rates are intended to benefit clients interested in 3D Printing, but lacking their own design skills or experience.

What We Need: We can work from something as simple as an idea; however, drawings, plans, photos, pre-existing files, or any other type of reference increases the speed at which we are able to work.
What We Offer: Hard surface CAD and engineering, Digital Sculpting, file modification, cleanup, and rendering.
Applications: 3D Printing, tooling, illustrations, concepting, asset creating for CGI, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality.

CAD model of our logo

3D Scanning

We run the very best equipment in precision, detail, and accuracy when it comes to 3D Scanning. From the ridges and valleys of a fingerprint up to a building our dedication to 3D Scanning as an artform goes beyond translating the real world to the digital. No matter how you plan to use your scan, our equipment and methods are sure to give you the best results possible. Most scanning jobs we handle break down into two categories: High detail or surface features. We are happy to advise you on which method best suits your needs.

What We Need: The object you want scanned, your own self, or the person we're scanning. If you can't bring it to us, we can come to you! In the case of highly reflective surfaces or extreme dark colors we may need to treat the object to optimize the results.
What We Offer: Precision or surface area scanning with the HDI LMI Advance, Artec Eva, and the iSense, in-house or mobile. The duration of scanning sessions vary.
Applications: 3D Printing, 3D Design Preforms, scaling, asset creation for CGI, Forensics Analysis, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality.

3D Printing

With the widest selection of materials and technologies there is no limit to the way in which we can help you create your new reality. While we can undertake any project, we specialize in 3D print jobs aimed at augmenting or transforming existing manufacturing processes as well as creating custom and one-of-a-kind parts. Our most used materials include ABS, PLA, paper, bonded gypsum, resins, wax, and metal.

What We Need: A 3D file, preferably in .stl, .obj, or .wrl format. If we didn't design it, we can work with 3D files you legally hold the rights to reproduce. 3rd Party files are subject to review before printing to ensure quality.
What We Offer: Standard and Exotic Filament, Full-Color Bonded Gypsum, Full-Color Paper, Multi-Jet Resin, SLA, SLS, and Direct Metal Printing.
Applications: Prototyping, Master production, End-use parts, Casting Patterns, Concept Models, Novelties, etc.

Casting and Production

As experts in 3D technology, we are the first to say that at times traditional methods of reproducing a part at any substantial quantity is much more cost effective using traditional means. For that reason, we offer services both in hand-casting and injection molding. Production is the pinnacle of our role as a solution center.

What We Need: A master used to create molds. While many projects we undertake involve 3D Printing a master, we are more than happy to work with a pre-existing master that was not 3D Printed.
What We Offer: We offer full service production in mold-making and casting. Our castable materials include, but are not limited to Urethane Resin, Flexible Rubber, Foam, Wax, Metal and more.
Applications: Production at quantity, prop making, reproductions, etc.

One of our experts working on a train component

Working With Us

While each category of service has its own unique aspects, working with us under any category of service follows some basic points. Here's what you can expect as our client regardless of the details your project contains:

Pricing: Every project is handled on a per quote basis. While other outlets for 3D technology may employ a more formulaic approach, we understand the individual needs and goals of every person we work with are unique. All quotes are at no cost and no obligation. We accept all major forms of payment. Visit our Printshop FAQ or contact us if you have questions.

Lead Times: Once we receive a request for a quote, we typically return numbers for quotes within 24 hours. For projects of an average scope our lead time is generally 5 to 10 business days per phase.

Confidentiality: All projects are strictly confidential unless we receive express written permission. We frequently work under NDA agreements.

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