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Welcome to our online shop. Here, you will find 3D files created by our team or approved designers. We don't just value 3D technology, but also the means to perpetuate its use. That's why we want to put more high-quality 3D files in your hands. To celebrate the relaunch of our new online home, we have uploaded several files for your use, completely free of charge. Make sure to check back as this section of our site will contiue to grow with both free files and files for sale.

branch CAD file rendering

Tree Branch

Originally aging on the rugged plateaus of New Mexico, this branch is one of our sample scans, showcasing a high level of detail and very complex geometry. This file represents what we consider to be a challenging print that if created successfully is eye-catching and impressive.

Price: Free

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jewelry sphere CAD file rendering

Filigree Bead

This sphere was digitally sculpted by one of our artists as a piece of jewelry. It's simultaneous simplicity and ornate qualities make it great for SLA or a clever setup on FDM to handle supports. With it's unique, delicate look the right material is sure to make a gorgeious 3D Print or even a metal cast.

Price: Free

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trilobite CAD file rendering


This wonderful file was sculpted by our Creative Director. He is very interested in the arthropod, which is why trilobites have turned up from time to time in our intenrnal test prints and projects. Enjoy!

Price: Free

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