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Manufacturing New Realities


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3D Design. 3D Printing. 3D Scanning. Casting



Manufacturing New Realities

3D Proven Systems is the premier solution center specializing as a reseller of 3D technology and offering services in CAD, 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, and manufacturing for consumers, businesses, and organizations in the United States. Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.   

Browse this website to learn more about the equipment we sell, the services we offer, and the projects we've helped complete.


We believe the day isn't far off in which there really is a 3D Printer in every home and business. Whether you're a scientist at a national lab or an individual with a need to create, purchasing 3D technology is securing your ability to manufacture on demand to any specification at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional methods. 


3D Printers

Manufacture a new reality of your own with personal, professional, and production grade equipment from 3D Systems, Orbi Labs, Airwolf 3D, and more. 


3D Scanners

Digitize real world objects and people, creating high quality 3D models for a number of applications with equipment from HDI and Artec 3D. 



Stay stocked up on the materials, parts, and accessories you need for professional and production grade machines. 



From minor calibrations to major mechanical failures, our certified technicians are ready to keep your equipment running, no matter the brand.



3D Design

3D Proven Systems is proud to offer both traditional CAD engineering and digital sculpting to create flawless 3D models for printing or a variety of other applications.


3D Scanning

From preserving ancient artifacts for reproduction and research, to verification, reverse engineering, and even forensics,  we offer both precision scanning and large surface scanning.  


3D Printing

From consumer grade filament to high performance metal printing, and everything in between we offer the widest range of material options and technologies of any company you will find. 

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Traditional production and fabrication rounds out our capabilities including silicone and urethane mold making and casting, CNC Milling, and tolling/injection molding.