MJP Printers

Printers in this family: Projet 2500 series, Projet 3600 Series, Projet 5600

Max Build Volumes: 

2500 Series: 11.6" x 8.3" x 5.6"
360 Series: 11.75" x 7.3" x 8" 
5600: 20.4" x 15" x 11.8"

Resolution: 32 microns to 13 microns
Accuracy: .025-.05 mm per 25.4 mm
Build Materials: 

2500: Tough Clear, Rigid White, Rigid Black, Rigid Gray, Rigid Clear, Elastomeric Black, Elastomeric Natural, and Castable. 
3600: Rigid White, M3 Crystal, Rigid Black, Proplast, Navy, Techplast, and Procast
5600: Rigid Black, Rigid White, Rigid Clear, Elastomeric Black, and Elastomeric Natural

For complete 2500 series specs, click HERE to download brochure.
For complete 3600 series specs, click HERE to download the brochure.
For complete 5600 series spec, click HERE to download the brochure.

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