Milkshake 3D

Orbi Labs may be one of the newer companies in the industry, but their "Milkshake" 3D Printer is one of the most impressive models on the market. They currently specialize in a single, desktop DLP unit, which immediately stands out due to its enormous build volume and a price tag that puts in within reach of just about anyone looking for professional grade equipment. 



The Milkshake is a DLP/SLA technology. It uses adjustable focal lengths of white light to cure liquid resin into a a solid part, layer by layer. The resulting prints from the Milkshake are capable of holding a very high level of detail and small feature size, and even picks up very fine textures. While most obviously an ideal printer for anyone producing art, or parts relying primarily on stunning aesthetics, the Milkshake also excels at mechanical components, and geometric forms.   

This is an ideal printer for anyone interested in producing parts that require a very high quality surface finish and fine detail. Industries like the arts, prop making, jewelry production, education, product design, and prototyping are obvious good fits, and just a few examples. The Milkshake is a fantastic piece of equipment for anyone looking at getting serious about 3D Printing.  

It is most noteworthy for it's very large build volume and comparatively low price tag. 

Click HERE if you'd like to learn more about the Milkshake's technical specifications, material options, and ordering.