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Manufacturing New Realities



MNR Magazine is a free digital publication by 3D Proven Systems. Click the cover to go inside our most recent issue.

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Manufacturing New Realities

MNR Magazine is dedicated to detailing projects and stories of real individuals, business, and organizations in New Mexico and around the US who are using 3D technology to new ends.



Anyone familiar with 3D technology knows it's an ever expanding and ever new industry. Few fields like it have ever existed, because for one of the first times in history, the power to create something from nothing is at the finger tips of almost anyone with a computer and an idea. Still, the reality of manufacturing new realities is proving to be one in which skill, know-how, and dedication are a must. 

3D Printing isn't a magic box. 3D Scanning isn't a magic eye. Designers, technicians, engineers, and artists all play a critical part in every project pushing this groundbreaking technology to new heights.   

Our online stories serve at times to offer an even deeper look at an article from the magazine. Similarly, they might cover a completely new angle or follow up, or simply feature something noteworthy enough to make it consistently accessible to the Internet.

Browse our collection of stories showing real pioneers using 3D technology to bridge gaps and open uncharted territory in their own fields as the future continues to unfold.


Inside the Creatrium


Articles for Doers and Makers

3D Design

Digital Sculpting and Engineering for Print.

While designers are growing increasingly adept and creating file for print, there's still a gulf between existing techniques and current needs.
Browse our collection of articles about quality design and modeling for print.

3D Printing

Consumer, Professional, and Production.

An ever expanding breadth of machines and materials has made 3D Printing into an industry all its own.
Browse our collection of articles about using, troubleshooting, and maintaining 3D Printers. 

3D Scanning

Precision, Form, Small, and Large.

Scanning is simple. Operating a 3D scanner is not. Truly an art requiring technical knowledge and a creative flare.
Browse our collection of articles about the nuances and tricks of getting great scans.