Rumblings Below: Clash of the Creatures 2017

"New Pet" by Luis Carrasco

"New Pet" by Luis Carrasco

While summer's impending close, (if you're with us North of the equator), is always is a bittersweet change, I always feel more than a twinge of excitement when August rolls around. Clash of the Creatures is almost upon us, and this is seriously becoming the highlight of my year with MNR and 3D Proven Systems. 

2017 marks our 3rd year running this event, and it's a thrill to see it continue growing in new ways. This year we may even have a few surprises in store for more than our featured artists.  

-We, obviously, have a sleek new website for MNR: It was time to up the ante. We're hoping Clash of the Creatures can offer engaging content to digital sculptor's out there all through the year.

-Remember all that talk last year about resin kits? If you are gaga for creature art and simply have to own it, get ready yourself ready...

-2017's Clash will run from October through November. If you're an invited artist/an interested in participating artist official invites are starting to go out and we'll be getting everything in order with this year's participants in September. October's issue of MNR will feature this year's artists, who will have from October till the middle/end of November to create their creature.

Things are amping up, and we can't wait to see all the fun this Clash of the Creatures 2017 brings.