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Manufacturing New Realities



Buy Any File

We believe both in the accessibility of Open Source and the necessity of recognizing the real hours of work that goes into great 3D Design. All the files in the Proto Vault are available for sale, with very limited exceptions, for approximately $5.00 per file.  

Become a Member

The real benefit of the Proto Vault is joining. Members can purchase monthly or annual subscriptions, for which they gain access to blank number of file downloads, exclusive offers, and content.

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Print Your Models

If you're running a 3D Printer of your own, you already know that unless integrated into a professional or specialized workflow, it doesn't take long to run out of things to print. Proto Vault models are intended to give you a selection of printer content that is interesting, gorgeous, and designed specifically with printing in mind.

Design With Your Models

Creating amazing 3D content doesn't necessarily need to happen from scratch. Maybe you're looking for a specific variety of flower to use for a necklace. Maybe you need to customize a widget or build from one of our templates. Whatever your needs as a designer we offer files you can integrate into your own work for your own purposes.