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Manufacturing New Realities

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Our Design Team is led by the technical expertise of our Lead Engineer, Lance Dettmer, combined with the aesthetic talent of our Creative Director, Weston Brownlee. Their collaborative porfolio of solid modeling and digital sculpting includes work for organizations like NASA, Hollywood, Sandia National Labs, and more.

We Can Create: Print-ready 3D models, precision mechanics, hard-surface models, products, prototypes, tooling patterns, masters for mold making, props, custom awards, areospace components, molds, art, jewelry, CGI assets, Augmented and Virtual Reality Assets, and anything you can imagine.  

We Use: Spaceclaim, Solidworks, Autocad, Zbrush, Oculus Medium, Keyshot, and similar CAD programs. 

What We Need: We can work from as little as an idea; however, references like photos, specs, orthographic designs, drawings, and any other details you provide greatly increases the speed at which we can work, giving you the best possible quote for any design project. 



3D Scanning

Digitizing the physical world is a powerful ability. We specialize in precision scanning, (think detail as fine as the ridges and valleys of a fingerprint), and large surface scanning, (think people, cars, and buildings). No matter the end goal our 3D scanning technicians are the best in the business.

We Can Create: 3D models for printing, further digital design or edits, reverse engineering, virtual applications, prosthetics, VFX, scaling, CGI assets, and more.  

We Use: The Artec Eva and HDI LMI Advance

On-site vs. Off-site: We can scan objects at our facility, but will travel to yours, no matter your location.

What We Need: Ultimately the object or person being scanned; however, we can generate a quote with the provision of photos (orthographic views preferred), as well as any additional details relevant to the project. 


3D Printing

We believe the day isn't far off in which there really is a 3D Printer in every home and business. Whether you're a scientist at a national lab or an individual with a need to create, purchasing 3D technology is securing your ability to manufacture on demand to any specification at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional methods. 

Filament: Thermoplastic and "Exotic" materials
Bonded Gypsum: Ceramic-like materials. Monochrome or Full Color
Paper: Wood-like material. Monochrome or Full Color
Multi Jet: Photo-cured resin and elastomers
DLP: Photo-cured resins.
SLA: Laser cured resins. experimental ceramics
DMP: Laser Sintered metal

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The Creatrium's true power to manufacture your new reality lies in just that: traditional manufacturing. We understand that at times, the best possible solution rests with traditional methods, which is why we further specialize in offering the most we possibly can.

We Can Create: Silicone and urethane molds, advanced molds, tools, cast resin, cast foam, cast wax, cast metals, injection molded plastics, specialty casts, CNC parts, and more in low run to production run volumes.

What We Need: While each type of production carries its own nuances, in general we simply need a master or master pattern to work from. This often means using 3D Prints or 3D models we've created.