Working With Us

Now that 3D Printing and its associated technologies are becoming more readily available, anyone interested in having work done has more options then they did even a year ago. So what's it like to work with us? 

A Personal Touch: While automatic quotes offer a convenience, we prefer that all our customers receive real, one-on-one attention with our team. In our experience, successful projects demand real attention from real people. We prefer taking the opportunity to get a good sense of a client's needs and goals, rather than relying on forms and online portals.
If you happen to be a client in the Albuquerque area, within driving distance, or with the desire to visit, we savor the opportunity to sit down face-to-face to talk about your project, and we know the value of someone being able to put a face to our name.   

Project Quotes: All pricing is handled on a per quote basis. While we would love to give standardized rates, even the most straight forward work we do is still custom manufacturing and design. All CAD and Scanning is billed at hourly rates. All printing and manufacturing is priced as a factor of material and associated time. All quotes are offered at no cost and no obligation. 



Your success is our success. We have a genuine interest in the work our clients are doing because every successful application of 3D technology brings all of us closer to exciting new realities and a better world.