The Monthly Low Down


Every month here, for the rest of the year and beyond, rather than meandering through whatever topic may strike our fancy at any given time, we're settling firmly onto a few specific themes. This August, we're brining you all things related to 3D Scanning and Virtual Reality with the Oculus Medium. There's been some fantastic fun happening inside The Creatirum and we can can't wait to give you all the inside scoop, and hopefully some useful information for your own 3D endeavors. Here's August's low down:

3D Scanning: It surprises me this slice of the 3D pie doesn't get more attention. I could fill post after post talking about all the cool projects we work with involving 3D scanning: Preserving and reconstructing fragile dinosaur skulls, transforming clay Meow Wolfs into resin casts, helping archaeologists measure denting the enamel of ancient teeth. This month be on the look out for some useful information about working with handheld and precision scanners, as well as going behind the scenes on our process for projects, and scanning-to-print with people. We've even had some local models in the studio!

Oculus Medium: It wasn't all that long ago I couldn't believe how phenomenal Zbrush is. While it's still my go-to software for digital sculpting, I cannot even begin to express how utterly mind blowing it's been using Oculus Medium to sculpt in Virtual Reality. Inside a VR headset! Using my real hands! You do not want to miss our upcoming stories on this.


The Temple of Apedemak: Never heard of it? This ancient Kushite site in the Sudan dates back as far as 235 BCE and features just the sort of ancient stone carvings we've been on the lookout for. 5 foot tall by 3 foot wide 3D Print anyone? 




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