Trilobite Fossill 3D Model

Trilobite Fossill 3D Model


This Proetida trilobite fossil comes from a private collector, and was 3D scanned by 3D Proven Systems using the HDI LMI Advance. It is available under a license for personal use.

Disclaimer: 3D Proven Systems certifies that "TrilobiteFossilVerified100mm.stl" has been scanned by a professional technician, and that the 3D model has been examined and verified for 3D print by an engineer or artist. This file contains no known errors that would inhibit successful 3D Printing.
3D Proven Systems, its affiliates, and agents are in no way responsible for build failure, damage to equipment, damage to property, damage to person, or any other possible risk and liability resulting from the creation and our use of parts created from "TrilobiteFossilVerified100mm.stl."

Recommended Technologies: This file is recommened for printing using FDM, CJP, MJP, SLA, DLP, and SLS technologies.

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